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king wing

King wing DE

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The King Wing reflector has been made out of aluminum metal, and it measures approximately 36’’ X 36’’. The horticulture equipment has been manufactured in North America, and all the components it uses have been ETL listed.

The product weighs 9lbs, and it allows easy assembly. The wings of the reflector can be adjusted according to the requirement. The adjustable wings allow you to create light patterns as per the need of the growing area. With the reflector wings widely opened, the light isn't concentrated to a particular spot, and a wider area of plantation receives light.

With wider area coverage, the hot spots are eliminated, so no plant damage. With the king wing, you achieve higher luminosity and every inch area. The nanochrome aluminum can resist corrosion, and it is also perfect for highly humid environments. The reflector allows you to customize light patterns fully, and the light output can be adjusted according to the growth requirement.